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Game Designer specializing in level design, world building, gameplay scripting and cinematic storytelling.

Shipped Titles: 

The Video Game Show (Tilt Five AR) | 2021

Temple Run 2 (iOS, Android) | 2020

Fortnite (PC, Xbox One, PS4, XBSX, PS5) | 2019

Justice League VR (PSVR, Oculus, VIVE, IMAX VR, Samsung Gear, Daydream, Cardboard) | 2017

Hero (Steam) | 2017 

The Sandbox Evolution (iOS, Android, Steam) | 2016

Snapimals (iOS, Android) | 2015

Genre Specialties: 

First Person Shooters

Third Person Shooters
Role Playing Games
Action Adventure

2D | 3D Platformer

• 10 years in the game industry working as a designer on F2P Mobile, AR, VR and AAA games.

• Game Design: Game Mechanics, Pacing, Level Layouts, Usability, Gameplay Tuning, Rapid Prototyping, White Boxing, Cinematic's, World Building,

• Practical knowledge: 2D & 3D game engines as well as solid skills on visual and non visual scripting languages. 

• Strong artistic sensibility: build level layouts with narrative and gameplay mechanics in mind to create fun gameplay moments for players.

• Team management: comfortable with both agile (scrum) and waterfall development methods.


Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator


Google Sketchup


Game Engines: 

Adobe Flash



Cry Engine (Minor Experience)

Unreal Engine 4

Mod Tools: 

Halo 5 Forge Editor

DOOM Snapmap

Age of Empires II Editor

Bethesda Creation Kit 

Code Editors

Mono Develop

Microsoft Visual Studio

Sublime Text

Video Editing:

Adobe Premiere

Adobe After Effects

Version Control:



Task Management:





Level Design




Game Mechanics

Puzzle Design






deck nine black logo.png
Unannounced Title                                         Oct 2021 - Present
Lead Level Designer
Deck Nine Games
  • Working on something. 






Unannounced Title                                         Nov 2019 - Oct 2021
Senior Designer | Level Design Lead
Imangi Studios 
  • Unannounced Project:

    • More to come later.

  • Temple Run 2:

    • Even though I was on another project I helped provide design feedback to the Temple Run 2 team for the Enchanted Palace Map and the Christmas Map.

    • Took part in playtests to help document bugs or any design issues noticed.

    • Helped provide solutions to any level design issues that I noticed to the team while those maps were in development.
Fortnite                                                            Jul 2019 - Oct 2019
Level Designer
High Voltage Software
  • Worked in collaboration with Epic Games on Fortnite.

  • Helped to build the level design of the Save the World PvE mode.

  • Helped release the dungeon game mode in STW. Built dungeon levels utilizing a modular level design system in Unreal 4.

  •  Designed level layouts for base game POI's and landmarks in Stonewood and Plankerton.

  • Performed bug fixes on level layout issues in Canny Valley, Stonewood and Plankerton.

  •  Frostnite: Assisted with POI creation on Frostnite 2019.

BitLoft Logo.png
The Crystal Core                                              Sep 2018 - Apr 2019
Senior Level Designer
  • Senior Designer on the Crystal Core team. 

  • Managing a team of designers and leading the execution of level design on the game. 

Justice League VR                                               Jul 2017 - Nov 2017 
Technical Level Designer (Contract)
Method Studios
  • Worked under the Method EXP Division with DC and Warner Bros Interactive on Justice League VR. 

  • Aquaman: Created level layouts, and worked on combat system along with balancing gameplay and scoring. 

  • Batman: Designed and implemented level collision and respawn system.

  • Implemented custom rumble system into Aquaman, Batman and Superman that worked across multiple VR platforms.   

  • Assisted Audio and UI team with localization of over 10 languages for all in game dialogue and text.

The Video Game Show                                      Feb 2017 - Jun 2017 
Game Designer / Level Designer  (Contract)
  • Worked with internal studio Eat Sleep Play to develop new AR games and experiences

  • Game Design: designed unique game mechanics to show off the castAR system.

  • Level Design: Did Level Layouts and scripted gameplay sequences for mini games

  • Systems Design: Created unique gameplay systems for progression and rewards.

The Sandbox Evolution                                  Mar 2016 - Feb 2017
Level Designer
Pixowl Games  

  • Designed over 20 levels over the course of the game's development all ranging from standard platforming levels to unique and interesting puzzle experiences.

  • Worked with Sony and designed 2 Ghostbusters Level’s during a promotion for the movie.

  • Worked with Bandai Namco to add their IP's such as Pacman into our game. Prototyped editor tools and levels for the Pacman update. 

Bakershah Games Logo White.png
Hero                                                                Feb 2013 - Feb 2017
Game Designer
Bakershah Games
  • Shipped a 3rd person Action Adventure RPG game "Hero" now available on Steam.

  • Designed Level Environments, Game Systems, and Gameplay along with set dressing, NPC placement, AI scripting, and Quest Design. 

  • Developed all the cutscenes for the game. Animated and scripted camera events and sequences using C#.

Snapimals                                                        Feb 2014 - Apr 2014
Level Designer (Intern)
BebopBee Inc.  

  • Worked on the initial level design prototype and mechanics for         Snapimals out on iOS, and Android.

  • Designed level layouts and prototyped different AI systems for animals.

  • Worked on one of the first prototypes of the game to show investors.

Personal Work

Bethesda Creation Kit          Development Time : In Progress
Level Design
Single Player RPG

  • Designing a Level Layout for a Nordic dungeon.

  • Used modular level design to create a quick mockup to test gameplay.

  • Tuning level difficulty to make it a simple dungeon the player could visit early in the game.


Doom Snapmap                          Development Time : 72 Hours
Level Design
Multiplayer First Person Shooter

  • Did Level Layout for a survival 4 player game. 

  • Used modular level design to create a 4 player specific gametype

  • Utilized specific modular pieces to add more verticality to the level. 


Halo 5 Forge                                   Development Time : 48 Hours
Level Design
Multiplayer First Person Shooter
  • Did Level Layout for a space map. 

  • Implemented lighting and weapon placements.

  • Balanced map design utilizing a diagonal approach to level. 


Overwatch                                   Development Time : 2 Hours
Level Scripting
First Person Shooter
  • Developed a game type utilizing Low Gravity 

  • Scripted events where gravity changes every 10 seconds forcing players to think more tactically. 


Co_Organizer:                                         (Sep 2015 - Present)
 San Francisco Game Developers Monthly Meetup Group
  • Host monthly networking events for one the largest game developer meetups in in the San Francisco Bay Area.

  • Organized a game night event sponsored by Microsoft where developers could display their game and network.

  • Partnered with UBM to provide perks and discounts to our members for GDC.


Volunteer                                                   (July, 2014)
Casual Connect USA 2014
  • Helped organize and run a smooth experience for conference attendees in the indie prize booth area.


Associate of Arts, Game Development                  (2013 - 2016)
  •  Studied for AA in game development specializing in Game/Level Design. 

  •  Started Development for RPG "Hero" while in school. 

  •  Learned how to create many prototypes and levels for different genre's of games.

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