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Game Designer specializing in level design, world building, gameplay scripting and cinematic storytelling.

Shipped Titles: 

The Video Game Show (Tilt Five AR) | 2021

Temple Run 2 (iOS, Android) | 2020

Fortnite (PC, Xbox One, PS4, XBSX, PS5) | 2019

Justice League VR (PSVR, Oculus, VIVE, IMAX VR, Samsung Gear, Daydream, Cardboard) | 2017

Hero (Steam) | 2017 

The Sandbox Evolution (iOS, Android, Steam) | 2016

Snapimals (iOS, Android) | 2015

Genre Specialties: 

First Person Shooters

Third Person Shooters
Role Playing Games
Action Adventure

2D | 3D Platformer

• 11 years in the game industry working as a designer on F2P Mobile, AR, VR and AAA games.

• Game Design: Game Mechanics, Pacing, Level Layouts, Usability, Gameplay Tuning, Rapid Prototyping, White Boxing, Cinematic's, World Building,

• Practical knowledge: 2D & 3D game engines as well as solid skills on visual and non visual scripting languages. 

• Strong artistic sensibility: build level layouts with narrative and gameplay mechanics in mind to create fun gameplay moments for players.

• Team management: comfortable with both agile (scrum) and waterfall development methods.


Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator


Google Sketchup


Game Engines: 

Adobe Flash



Cry Engine (Minor Experience)

Unreal Engine 4

Mod Tools: 

Halo 5 Forge Editor

DOOM Snapmap

Age of Empires II Editor

Bethesda Creation Kit 

Code Editors

Mono Develop

Microsoft Visual Studio

Sublime Text

Video Editing:

Adobe Premiere

Adobe After Effects

Version Control:



Task Management:





Level Design




Game Mechanics

Puzzle Design










deck nine black logo.png
Unannounced Title                                         Oct 2021 - April 2022
Lead Level Designer
Deck Nine Games
  • Directed Level Design and led a team of level designers on a unannounced narrative adventure game.


  • Helped build via greyboxes all the spaces of the game letting the team test narrative beats before art implementation.

  • Collaborated with writers and narrative designers to ensure the spaces we were building fit with the script as well as accounted for all gameplay moments that were planned for the level.

  • My level design team was also tasked with cinematic prototyping. We did simple blockouts of cutscenes and camera work using proprietary tools before the cinematic artists came in to do the final pass.

  • Provided mentorship and guidance to junior designers as well as training sessions on how to improve their skillsets.

Unannounced Title                                         Nov 2019 - Oct 2021
Senior Designer | Level Design Lead
Imangi Studios 
  • Unannounced Project:

    More to come later.

  • Temple Run 2:

    • Even though I was on another project I helped provide design feedback to the Temple Run 2 team for the Enchanted Palace Map and the Christmas Map.

    • T
    ook part in playtests to help document bugs or any design issues noticed.

    • Helped provide solutions to any level design issues that I noticed to the team while those maps were in development.

Unannounced Title                                       May 2023 - Jan 2024
Senior Level Designer
Lost Boys Interactive
  • Unannounced Project:

    •  Led a level design team on a assigned map for the game

      •  Led efforts for level layouts, combat encounters and special moments.

      • Collaborated with producers, leads, and project managers to help ensure the team met deadlines and completed milestones on time.

      •  Worked with stakeholders at Gearbox to ensure our work was fulfilling the vision of the IP and was meeting expectations.

  • Central Design Tools Research:

    • Worked on researching tools, processes and mechanics to create a skeleton project teams could use to start new projects coming up.

​       • Prototyped level layouts using tools provided by tech designers for example project.

       • I helped research the modeling and level design tools in Unreal Engine 5 that we could use and improve upon with the help of engineers. 


Fortnite                                                            Jul 2019 - Oct 2019
Level Designer
High Voltage Software
  • Worked in collaboration with Epic Games on Fortnite.

  • Helped to build the level design of the Save the World PvE mode.

  • Helped release the dungeon game mode in STW. Built dungeon levels utilizing a modular level design system in Unreal 4.

  •  Designed level layouts for base game POI's and landmarks in Stonewood and Plankerton.

  • Performed bug fixes on level layout issues in Canny Valley, Stonewood and Plankerton.

  •  Frostnite: Assisted with POI creation on Frostnite 2019.

BitLoft Logo.png
The Crystal Core                                              Sep 2018 - Apr 2019
Senior Level Designer
  • Senior Designer on the Crystal Core team. 

  • Managing a team of designers and leading the execution of level design on the game. 

Justice League VR                                               Jul 2017 - Nov 2017 
Technical Level Designer (Contract)
Method Studios
  • Worked under the Method EXP Division with DC and Warner Bros Interactive on Justice League VR. 

  • Aquaman: Created level layouts, and worked on combat system along with balancing gameplay and scoring. 

  • Batman: Designed and implemented level collision and respawn system.

  • Implemented custom rumble system into Aquaman, Batman and Superman that worked across multiple VR platforms.   

  • Assisted Audio and UI team with localization of over 10 languages for all in game dialogue and text.

The Video Game Show                                      Feb 2017 - Jun 2017 
Game Designer (Contract)
  • Worked with internal studio Eat Sleep Play to develop new AR games and experiences

  • Game Design: designed unique game mechanics to show off the castAR system.

  • Level Design: Did Level Layouts and scripted gameplay sequences for mini games

  • Systems Design: Created unique gameplay systems for progression and rewards.

The Sandbox Evolution                                  Mar 2016 - Feb 2017
Level Designer
Pixowl Games  

  • Designed over 20 levels over the course of the game's development all ranging from standard platforming levels to unique and interesting puzzle experiences.

  • Worked with Sony and designed 2 Ghostbusters Level’s during a promotion for the movie.

  • Worked with Bandai Namco to add their IP's such as Pacman into our game. Prototyped editor tools and levels for the Pacman update. 

Bakershah Games Logo White.png
Hero                                                                Feb 2013 - Feb 2017
Game Designer
Bakershah Games
  • Shipped a 3rd person Action Adventure RPG game "Hero" now available on Steam.

  • Designed Level Environments, Game Systems, and Gameplay along with set dressing, NPC placement, AI scripting, and Quest Design. 

  • Developed all the cutscenes for the game. Animated and scripted camera events and sequences using C#.

Snapimals                                                        Feb 2014 - Apr 2014
Level Designer (Intern)
BebopBee Inc.  

  • Worked on the initial level design prototype and mechanics for         Snapimals out on iOS, and Android.

  • Designed level layouts and prototyped different AI systems for animals.

  • Worked on one of the first prototypes of the game to show investors.

Personal Work

Bethesda Creation Kit          Development Time : In Progress
Level Design
Single Player RPG

  • Designing a Level Layout for a Nordic dungeon.

  • Used modular level design to create a quick mockup to test gameplay.

  • Tuning level difficulty to make it a simple dungeon the player could visit early in the game.


Doom Snapmap                          Development Time : 72 Hours
Level Design
Multiplayer First Person Shooter

  • Did Level Layout for a survival 4 player game. 

  • Used modular level design to create a 4 player specific gametype

  • Utilized specific modular pieces to add more verticality to the level. 


Halo 5 Forge                                   Development Time : 48 Hours
Level Design
Multiplayer First Person Shooter
  • Did Level Layout for a space map. 

  • Implemented lighting and weapon placements.

  • Balanced map design utilizing a diagonal approach to level. 


Overwatch                                   Development Time : 2 Hours
Level Scripting
First Person Shooter
  • Developed a game type utilizing Low Gravity 

  • Scripted events where gravity changes every 10 seconds forcing players to think more tactically. 


Co_Organizer:                                         (Sep 2015 - Present)
 San Francisco Game Developers Monthly Meetup Group
  • Host monthly networking events for one the largest game developer meetups in in the San Francisco Bay Area.

  • Organized a game night event sponsored by Microsoft where developers could display their game and network.

  • Partnered with UBM to provide perks and discounts to our members for GDC.


Volunteer                                                   (July, 2014)
Casual Connect USA 2014
  • Helped organize and run a smooth experience for conference attendees in the indie prize booth area.


Associate of Arts, Game Development                  (2013 - 2016)
  •  Studied for AA in game development specializing in Game/Level Design. 

  •  Started Development for RPG "Hero" while in school. 

  •  Learned how to create many prototypes and levels for different genre's of games.

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