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Snapimals is a first person casual mobile game. Its a new take on pokemon snap. Players go around the world to different environments and take pictures to build their museum. I was responsible for level layout and testing game mechanics and systems to see which would be good for the game. 

This is the Blockout Stage which I worked on for the Safari Level. In here I tested any new game mechanics or level layouts as well as game systems the team suggested and designed them to see if it would work in the game. 


Note: This is a blockout level to showcase what I worked on and how the project started. The next video is the final product. 


What I did: 


Level Design

Game Design

Rapid Prototyping


 Snapimals Blockout Gameplay


 Snapimals Promo


This is the final product version of the game. Its out now on iOS and Android.


You can find out more about the game at:



Notable Awards:

Unite 2015 Boston Showcase

Games Beat 2015 Most Innovative Game Design 

iOS Feature

Android Feature

Indie Prize Finalist 2016 



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