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Game Info

Genre: Third Person Shooter Survival
Platform: PC, Xbox One, PS4

Release Date: July 25th, 2017

Work Summary:

Position: Level Designer

  • Worked in collaboration with Epic Games on Fortnite.

  • Helped to build the level design of the Save the World PvE mode.

  • Built dungeon levels & POI's utilizing a modular level design system in Unreal 4.

Save the World Dungeons

Fortnite Dungeons.jpg

I contributed to the Dungeons game mode for Save the World. I was part of the level design team that built all 4 levels of the game mode. 

The levels were: 

The Crypts


The Grotto

The Labyrinth


For Crypts I mainly assisted the main designer with set dressing and polishing the level space for launch. I set dressed environments and designed the prison jail cell pieces to be used across the level. My goal was to use visual storytelling as much as possible. 

Crypts Gameplay


For Grotto I did level layouts and set dressed the level space. My goal was to use visual storytelling as much as possible and push the theme of the level which is a natural cave garden environment. 

Grotto Gameplay


For labyrinth I helped prototype level concepts and themes for the lower levels. I played around with the idea of a level space that used "Relativity" from MC Escher as the theme. This would surprise players and give the level a unique look and identity from the other dungeon levels. The concept ended up being received very well and became a huge part of the Labyrinth. 

Labyrinth Gameplay

Base Game POI's

The following are POI's I created for the base game of STW. These are areas that load as part of the procedural generation system of Save the World. I designed the overall layouts as well as set dressing of  all the different POI's. 



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