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The Sandbox Evolution

The Sandbox 2 Evolution is the sequel to the 2D

pixel-art world builder game The Sandbox. Draw pixel worlds, play with physics, use 150+ elements & craft

your own, share your creations online.


The following levels are rapid iterations I made while

taking direction from the lead designer on the project. 


What I did: 


* Level Design

* Level Art

(Team of 40)

The game is now available on iOS, Android and Steam.



  Notable Industry Awards/Achievements


* Featured on Google Play Store  

* Featured on Apple App Store  

* #5 Best Simulation Game of 2016 on Apple App Store  

                    Indie Prize Awards

* Indie Prize Finalist 2016

                             IMGA Award 


* Best Upcoming Game of 2016 (Nominated)


     Game Connection Dev Awards

1). Most Promising IP (Won)

2). Best Mobile/Tablet (Nominated)

3). Best Casual Game (Nominated)

4). Most Creative/Original Game. (Nominated)         


Ghostbusters "The Purge"



We worked with Sony to help promote the new Ghostbuster movie release and so did a Ghostbuster theme for our game. This was one of the levels I had made for the promotion.



 Laser Campaign Intro Level


This is the intro level I designed for the Main Campaign for the laser game mode. For this level I utilized the puzzle mechanics with lasers and mirrors with the goal to get the laser beam to the end point by moving the mirrors in the right direction and angle. The goal was to also ease the player into the future levels by introducing them to the basic mechanics of the lasers.

Path of the Ninja 


For this level I utilizied every mechanic that the ninja has. The task from the lead designer was to create a hard level. Every game object was placed with detail at every inch of the level. The wall jumps were designed in a way to keep the pace going for the player so they don't stop.  


"Nut Chase" Runner Campaign Level


This was one of the 3 levels I designed for the runner campaign we released. The idea was to ensure the player can't stop so I placed environmental challenges with spike and enemies forcing the player to maneuvering around the environment. The goal was to have the player do everything perfectly in order to beat the level. 


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