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The Video Game Show


Genre: Party Arcade Game

Players: Singleplayer / Multiplayer

Platform: castAR

Release Date: (Cancelled)


Position: Game Designer / Level Designer (Contract)

Duration: March 2017 - June 2017 (4 months)

  • Ownership of 2/12 mini games.

  • Game Design: Designed unique game mechanics to help showcase the system.

  • Level Design: implemented level layouts and scripted gameplay encounters

Intro Episode


Pinball/Pong Hybrid Game
Inspired By Arkanoid I designed a game with a pinball table but had it use pong physics for gameplay. Players could earn multipliers and deflect the ball through pipes to earn extra points. 

The Drop

The Drop:
Skydiving Arcade game
Players spawn skydivers and try to have them land on the point areas to score. 
I took over this game from the original designer Andrew Hayes and helped finish the design. I scripted the random spawning of balloons and other gameplay elements. I also implemented the spawning system for the skydivers to be a random one when they spawn to add variety. 
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