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Skyrim "The Dragons Temple"

For this level I am divided the development of this map into 3 passes.


Pass 1: Planning

Pass 2: Layout

Pass 3:  Gameplay

 Level Map

Pass 0: Planning

To start I used the Adobe Suite apps and started to craft a level map to give me an idea of what I wanted to build. I wanted the basic flow of the level mapped out before I entered the editor and started blocking out the space. 

Pass 1: Basic Layout

For this pass I began to turn my top down map into an actual 3D environment you can navigate. I used the Nord kits to create the overall boundaries of the rooms and hallways. After that I tested it by running through the levels to anticipate average play times and made some adjustments based on feedback. 

Pass 1 Layout Shots

Pass 2: Set Dressing and Gameplay.

For this pass I focused on set dressing the environment with more detail and altering the player path a little bit. This is where I also use environmental storytelling to guide the player and give them some context on the area they are visiting in the game.  I also implemented nav mesh and added a simple enemy with the standard AI from the game. 

Pass 2 Layout Shots

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