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"The Lost One"


Level Design Document

Level Timeline Document

Level Design Map

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 The Lost One / First Person Exploration Demo.
The Lost one is a 1st person demo exploration game created in my Game 3d Production Class. Worked on a team of 5 for this game on the intial prototype where everyone had to do some environment art. This was my second game made with unity so I decided to go another direction in my design and do something with a Sci-Fi Look to it. The Lost One is now available on! 
What I did:
* Level Design (Main Focus)
* Environment Art (minor)
* Scripting (Main Focus)
* Animation (Minor)
* UI Design 
* Lighting
W,A,S,D to move
Mouse to look around 
"E" to Interact
"P" to pause

Gameplay Walkthrough

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