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Titan 2500


Cinematic Shots

Titan 2500/First Person Shooter
This is a first person shooter game made in Unity. It draw influences from Halo, and Titanfall. The player drops from space, inflitrates the enemy base, and destroys the capitol ship on the planets surface. All cinematics were scripted and are in-game. 
What I did:
Level Design (3 levels)
Scripting (3 levels as well as cinematics)
Animation (Minor)
UI Design 

Opening Cinematic 

For this cinematic I scripted and animated the cameras in the main menu as well as set up the scene for the cinematic. I animated and scripted the ships as well as the camera shots to be timed perfectly for the opening sequence.
Music credit goes to: Marty O' Donnell from Halo. 

Level 1 Pod Cinematic

For this level. I scripted the entire pod sequence. I animated the player getting into the pod as well as scripted effects, sounds, music and animations to all fit into a cohesive experience.
Music credit goes to: Marty O' Donnell from Halo. 
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