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Last Fate
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Last Fate First Person VR Puzzle Game. 

First person VR puzzle game made in Unity. Use your puzzle solving skills to escape the Alchemist’s dungeon. Learn spells, solve puzzles, and return home to save your mother!


Notable Achievements: 

Academy of Art Spring Show 2016 Runner Up



What I did:


Level Design


Cinematic Design

Quick post card concepts I drew in a few days during pre production to layout the main areas of the tutorial and to give our artists an idea of the basic layout of the intro level. 
Level Maps
level maps showing the layout of various areas of the tutorial level. 
Editor Shots
Editor Shots in Unity of the Level Layouts I made integrating all the art, animation, sounds, and lighting into the level.
Using after effects I pieced the story boards together to give the art team and producers and idea of the pacing and feel of what the tutorial would look like and how long it would be this time mixed with sound effects. 
Software Used:
Intro Cinematic & Tutorial
This is the final version of the cinematic. Using the story boards and level maps along with the animatic, I then designed the environments and scripted the sequences for the intro. The goal was to introduce the main moving mechanics while telling the player what the story is about. 
Software Used: 
Visual Studio
NOTE: As this project is still ongoing the music has still not been completed. However the entire Intro has been designed and scripted to completion.
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