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  Team of 2
Hero/3rd person fantasy RPG

Fantasy RPG made in Unity. it is set in a Semi-Open World where you must unite the forces of men elves and dwarves to defeat the orcs who are ravaging your kingdom. Began working on this game in Febuary of 2013.


Notable Achievements: 

*Academy of Art Spring Show 2015 Runner Up

*New York Comic Con Showcase 

*IGF 16 Entrant

*Indie Prize USA 16 Finalist

*Intel IDF 15 Showcase 


What I did:


*Level Design (Main Focus)

*Scripting (Main Focus)

*Programming (Certain Basic Sysems)


*Cinematics Design



Art provided by: Unity Asset Store.

This cinematic introduces the main villain of the game. I scripted all the camera shots and dialogue as well as set the scene with lighting and asset placement. I also scripted the animations with the dialogue lines. I also incidentally implemented the camera effect where at the end of every shot the camera would speed up the the first frame of the next camera shot in the sequence. 

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  • Showcase the the world as much as possible using broad open shots.

  • Push the narrative and gameplay forward by showcasing areas player can venture.

  • Introduce new enemies and gameplay events.

The Enemy Awakens

Seran Intro (Big Reveal)

This cinematic introduces the new city of Seran. This is the first time the player sees it. My references for this cutscene were from dragon age when they introduce Skyhold for the first time. In fact if you replaced the audio with the Skyhold theme from dragon age it would time perfectly. I scripted all the camera shots, audio, and the player path. I also did the layouts and paced it for the big reveal when it shows the actual city.  

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