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  Team of 2
Genre: 3rd person fantasy RPG



Fantasy RPG made in Unity. it is set in a Semi-Open World where you must unite the forces of men elves and dwarves to defeat the orcs who are ravaging your kingdom.

Release Date: February 2017


Notable Achievements: 

*Academy of Art Spring Show 2015 Runner Up

*New York Comic Con Showcase 

*IGF 16 Entrant

*Indie Prize 16 Finalist

*Intel IDF 15 Showcase 


What I did:


*Level Design (Main Focus)

*Scripting (Main Focus)

*Programming (Certain Basic Systems)


*Cinematics Design



Art provided by: Unity Asset Store.

Hero Trailer

Level Design Document

Download Game


  • Create open environments in cities to give the feeling of open world. 

  • Exploration: Let players roam freely around these areas interacting with the environment. 

  • Script interesting combat encounters and dialogue between player and NPC's.

Development Photos


Level Design Maps

In this Gameplay Demo, I built the entire town using art assets, placed NPC's and props everywhere. Using a Dialogue System I scripted NPC conversations and interactions making it so the player can interact with everyone in the enviorment telling the player what's going on in the story at the time. I also scripted quests using JavaScript and C#. 




Hero Gameplay


Hero Timelapse Stage 1 (Terrain)

Gameplay video showing creation of terrain for the town. Using Unity's texture and terrain tools, I did a basic texture paint of the terrain areas. 



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