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Unannounced Project. 

Game Info

Genre: First Person Shooter
Platform: PC, Xbox, Playstation

Release Date: N/A

Password Required

Work Summary:

Position: Senior Level Designer

  • Led a level design team and owned a entire zone for the game.

  • Spearheaded efforts for level layouts, combat encounters and special moments..

  • Collaborated with producers, leads, and project managers to help ensure the team met deadlines and completed milestones on time.

  •  Worked with stakeholders at Gearbox to ensure our work was fulfilling the vision of the IP and was meeting expectations.

Central Design Tools Research 


The Central Design Research team was created to fill the need to create tools and a example project the studio could use to kickstart development on new projects in the genre they wanted to pursue which was 3rd person survival.


- As part of this team I worked with a team of level designers and tech designers to help create a suite of tools to assist with content development and rapid prototyping. 

- I helped research the modeling and level design tools in Unreal Engine 5 that we could use and improve upon with the help of engineers. 

These photos are for an example level I made using the tools as they were being developed. 

Gameplay Video

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