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Greybox Prototypes

I helped build tons of greybox prototypes in order to test gameplay mechanics, finalize track metrics and figure out what direction the level design of the game should go in. 

Greybox 1

  • In this prototype I tested metrics with track pieces that were 1x3 meters.

  • I also tested junctions which is something we wanted to add so players would not feel that they are going only straight. 

Greybox 2

  • In this prototype we tested new metrics with 3x3 meter pieces. 

  • We also tested all the basic running mechanics that were more polished than the previous prototype.

  • We also tested our Out of Bounds and Gutters to figure out how to lay those out accounting for the different heights the level would go through. 

Greybox 3

  • In this prototype we added more polish and this became our first official test level. 

  • From a LD standpoint I focused on what series of inputs we want the player to do and designed the tracks around that. 

  • Example: I want the player to swipe: up, down, left, right, up, down, and left. Now design the track and obstacles to get the player to input that. 

Ambient GP events

The goal of this was to add events that the player sees happen in front of them on the track giving context to the story and what is going on in the game. Using Unity timeline I scripted these events to happen when the player triggers them. 

Demon Monkey attacks ship. 

  • In this video you see the player running before the airship flies over the player and comes forward. 

  • Then the Demon Monkey comes from nowhere and jumps on the ship causing an explosion and the ship to hurry way before it crashes. 

Demon Monkey runs away. 

  • In this video you see the player running towards the demon monkey.

  • This was part of a new concept for Temple Run where the runner chases after the Demon Monkey instead. 

  • Part of the level was that as you approach the demon monkey it veers off on to a side path before the player encounters them later. 

Demon Monkey Boss Fight

My task was to do something that at that point had not been done well in the genre. Create a boss battle in a endless runner. 

First Idea

  • For my iteration the idea came from the previous level I designed in which you chase after the demon monkey.

  • We used our gameplay mechanics to convey an attack where the player can hit the demon monkey. 

  • This was the original inspiration from one of my levels. 

Gameplay Loop

  • The level is a chase. As you chase after the boss it throws obstacles in front of you whether its fodder demon monkeys you need to avoid or crystals that appear suddenly on the track. 

  • I placed the demon monkeys and gave them a basic AI. I also placed the crystals and animated them for when they activate. 

  • This is the main loop the player goes through before reaching a final sequence where they get to damage the boss.  

QTE Final

  • For the final sequence when you encounter the boss I used QTE for gameplay. 

  • I made special obstacle prefabs and gave them an AI to move forward. They had triggers that would add slow motion so the player has time to avoid them. 

  • As a way to spice up the QTE I added camera angles with the slow motion to give it some more polish. 

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