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Game Info

Genre: Third Person Narrative Adventure
Platform: PC, Xbox, Playstation

Release Date: Oct 2024

Work Summary:

Position: Lead Level Designer

  • • Directed Level Design and led a team of level designers on Life is Strange Double Exposure. 

    • Led the LD team in building greyboxes for all the spaces of the game. This was crucial as it let the team test narrative beats before art implementation.

    • Collaborated with writers and narrative designers to ensure the spaces we were building fit with the script as well as accounted for all gameplay moments that were planned for the level.

    • My level design team was also tasked with cinematic prototyping. We did simple blockouts of cutscenes and camera work using proprietary tools before the cinematic artists came in to do the final pass.

    • Provided mentorship and guidance to junior designers as well as training sessions on how to improve their skillsets.


More Details Coming Soon

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